Iontophoresis can help a large proportion of patients who suffer from excessive sweating. It can be one of the most helpful treatments for excessive sweating to the hands and feet particularly, but can be used for treating the armpits and other areas. It is safe, simple and generally cost-effective. At Bulimba Dermatology, we offer iontophoresis to our patients in our clinic and can recommend iontophoresis devices for patients to purchase.

Iontophoresis involves the use of a medical device which emits a small electric current through water over the skin’s surface to the sweat glands. This electric current interferes with the production of sweat by the sweat glands in the skin, and over time can reduce sweat production in over 70% of people. Improvement is usually achieved when this treatment is carried out repeatedly for a number of weeks and can then be maintained with treatments once or twice a week or as required.

The most common side effects seen are localised irritation or redness of the skin, small fluid-filled pimples and mild discomfort (tingling sensation during treatment). These are often only mild and temporary, and generally do not prevent further treatment.