Hair removal

Unwanted hair is a common problem for both men and women. There are many reasons why people want to remove hair. Unwanted hair is often embarrassing and undesirable, however there are many medical reasons why people seek to have hair removed – conditions such as hirsuitism, ingrown hairs and folliculitis.

Numerous techniques exist for hair removal. These range from over-the-counter treatments available at pharmacies and supermarkets, to physical removal of hair by plucking, waxing, shaving and threading. Most of these techniques provide only temporary removal of hair and often cause irritation and other problems.

At Bulimba Dermatology, laser hair removal is our preferred treatment for unwanted hair. Used in the hands of experienced operators, laser treatment for hair removal is fast, highly effective, and generally safe and well tolerated.

It is important to consider the following when thinking about laser hair removal:

  • It is unlikely that laser hair removal will permanently remove every hair from the area treated. Typically, most hairs will be removed and will not grow back. Remaining hairs are often lighter in colour and finer than they were prior to laser hair removal. Most patients are pleased with the level of reduction that occurs.
  • New technology laser hair removal devices offer inbuilt cooling systems that greatly reduce the level of discomfort experienced by patients. These cooling systems also reduce the risk of damage to the skin. Laser hair removal is generally non-invasive and gentle on the skin. Typically patients feel a warm sensation but in more sensitive areas, slightly more discomfort may be experienced.
  • Laser hair removal now offers patients the opportunity to have unwanted hair removed effectively and safely from the face, back, chest, arms and neck as well as the more traditional areas of legs, bikini line and underarms.
  • Not all laser hair removal centres are the same. At Bulimba Dermatology, we use the latest laser technology to provide the safest, gentlest and most effective hair removal for our patients and clients. All laser hair removal treatments are carried out by highly trained dermatology nurses under the guidance of dermatologists, and are tailored individually for the skin type and body site of the individual patient.
  • Generally 4-6 treatments conducted several weeks apart achieve the best results. This is important as hair is constantly undergoing different stages of growth and it is only during the active growth phase that hair reduction can be achieved effectively.
  • The cost of laser hair removal depends on the size and number of areas that are treated. While costs are higher than some other methods of hair removal in the short term, in the longer term it remains a predictably cost-effective hair removal alternative.

Contact us at Bulimba Dermatology if you would like to discuss options for removal of your unwanted hair.