Hair loss (alopecia)

Alopecia is the medical term for hair loss. Hair loss is often very stressful for most patients. People can develop hair loss at any age, with different forms of hair loss more common in certain age groups. Often there are other members of the family who suffer from the problem.

Hair loss may occur from increased shedding of the hair or poor growth of the hair. Sometimes infections, stress or medications can cause hair loss and sometimes there may be a genetic, hormonal or other underlying medical cause.

Making the right diagnosis of the cause of hair loss is essential for appropriate treatment. At Bulimba Dermatology your dermatologist will take a detailed history and undertake a thorough examination of the hair, the scalp and other parts of the body to determine the cause of the hair loss. Sometimes blood tests, hair samples or a biopsy of the scalp may be performed to help identify the cause of the hair loss.

A variety of treatment options are on offer for hair loss. While treatment is not always effective for some forms of hair loss, significant improvement is often achievable for most patients.

If you are experiencing hair loss and need help, see your general practitioner who will determine whether a referral to one of our dermatologists is appropriate.

Make anĀ appointment request with one of our dermatologists to discuss which treatments are best for you.